Century Old Church Becomes a Colorful Church Skate Park

cathedral skate park
Written by Gary

This 100-year-old church in Spain was transformed into a hip church skate park.

cathedral skate park

I am not a religious person, but I am a gay person, so even though I don’t particularly believe in any gods, I do believe in the fabulous architecture of century old cathedrals and churches.

The church of Santa Barbera, in Llanera, Asturias was old and crumbling until the collective Church Brigade teamed up with Red Bull and threw some money at it. They hired famous artist Okuda San Miguel to come in and paint the space with colorful geometric shapes and designs, and the end result was an awesome looking church skate park now referred to as the Kaos Temple.

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This project was yet another crowdfunded campaign, so it’s kind of awesome to see this relatively new way to make money leading to an actually great project. I am not much of a skater, but I would be a lot less angry if I broke my shin bone attempting to stay upright in a beautiful and historic place like this, splashed with bright colors and drenched in modern art. Plus, there is probably the added benefit of spiritual protection… right?

cathedral skate park cathedral skate park cathedral skate park

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