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Written by Ashley

I’m all about good skin, so this is looking to be one of my tried & true products. I’m in it for the long haul with Belacrema.

I’m becoming addicted to a skin-pick me up every once in a while the the Belacrema ONE MASQUE. When you try, you think… “Huh… this stuff real thick. Too thick. No mask is this thick.” But that’s exactly what they’re going for. Everything else, these days, seems to come in a concentrated formula– and masques are now NO different. It makes perfect sense!  The best way to use the masque is to break off a small pea sized potion and place in your palm and rub it together for about 15-20 seconds.  Once you’ve warmed the product up and it has become almost clear, you will feel the texture become smooth enough to apply to your face/neck/ chest – wherever!  Once you feel the masque getting tighter,  could take a while- due to the concentrated formula it washes off with a super easy splash of warm water, rubbed in a circular motion. I learned the hard way that if you feel you need to really scrub it off you’ve used to much!

BELACREMA ONE Creme - $100

BELACREMA ONE Creme - $100

I’m starting now to follow up with the Belacrema ONE Creme at night, on my eyes, neck, chest and a little on my cheeks when I feel them becoming a little dry. — That’s when I know, brrr, winter has arrived.

Check the Belacrema line out here at

Belacrema ONE Masque : $80 for 1.7 oz

Belacrema ONE Creme: $100  for 1.7 oz

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