A Crystal Clear Frozen Lake

clear ice lake
Written by Gary

Two men found a frozen lake with ice as clear as glass.

clear ice lake

The only time I have ever walked on a frozen lake was when I was traveling around upstate New York with my boyfriend, but I didn’t get very far because he was too worried I would fall in. We broke up soon after. I don’t like guys who limit my potential to die a painful death. If I had gone further though, I like to think I would see something as amazing as this crystal clear frozen lake.

While hiking, Tomas Nunuk, from Slovakia  stumbled upon Veľké Hincovo pleso, near the border of Slovakia and Poland. This lake stays frozen 250 days out of the year, so he had no qualms about walking across. Soon however, he discovered and Youtubed the fact that the lake contains congelation ice, AKA black ice.

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Black ice forms underneath a layer of regular ice, and is unique because there are no air bubbles within it to create cloudiness.  Pure congelation ice forms very slowly with large crystals, and can only really thrive up to 174 feet, so its a little dangerous to walk on.

If you’re a danger whore like me, seeking out some black ice is a surefire way to not only see something awesome and rare, but possibly plunge to your freezing, testicle-reducing death. #perfectwinter

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