The Most Terrifying House in the World

terrifying house
Written by Gary

This cliffside house is both beautiful and terrifying.

terrifying house

Many people call me an adventurous person, due to the fact that I skinny dip in every waterfall I see and am no stranger to a little parkour. So when I saw this house it immediately felt like home.

Aptly named ‘Casa Brutale’, this cliffside home was the brainchild of two Greek architects in the concrete style known as brutalism.

The home features a rooftop pool at ground level, and underground walls to insulate the home and keep it cool. The pool also has a glass bottom so you can see if anyone is doing the nasty with no regards to chlorine burn. As you can see there is also one giant window facing the sea, so whoever lives in it basically feels like they are floating above the ocean.

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I know many people out there might be afraid of a place like this, especially in an earthquake, but I would give my left tit to spend a night here and swim in the king of infinity pools.

terrifying house

terrifying house

cliffside house

cliffside house

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