The Craziest Chinese Music Video Ever

Wang Rong, the Chinese Lady Gaga has blessed us with this Chinese music video that makes about as much sense as tits on an ant.

Even though I am a quarter Chinese, there are a lot of things I don’t understand about Chinese culture. For instance, why would you eat rice with two tiny little sticks when a spoon is much more practical? Why are there only like three Chinese last names? Why are the Chinese so obsessed with popular culture? I’m not going to lie, a lot of crazy shit comes out of China, and this music video by Wang Rong is right up there on the list. I am pretty sure the song is called: Rollin Chick-Chick, although I can’t be sure since words have different meanings in China, apparently.

Random barnyard cartoons? Check. Plastic Andy Warhol wigs? Check? Feathered costumes that would make any backup dancer from Showgirls push Gina Gershon down the stairs? Check. I know it may be a little hypocritical since Katy Perry is American, but I find this video to be a little much, which means it is the perfect thing to brighten your day (especially since it’s raining dicks and tits in New York).

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Take a look at the video and see if you agree. If you can watch it all the way through without saying the pledge of Allegiance to the United States, you are a stronger man than I.


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