Because a Cruise Ship Hotel on Dry Land Makes Perfect Sense

Sun cruise hotel
Written by Gary

Even though I’m from Florida I have never been on a cruise, but I can promise you that if I ever do take one, the ship will be in the water. From far away it looks like a cruise-ship washed ashore by a hurricane. From up close, it looks like an architect got very confused about what a hotel is supposed to look like (maybe he or she drank too much Soju). But the Sun Cruise Hotel in Korea remains one of the hottest tourist attractions in Korea despite the fact that it makes no damn sense.

Sun cruise hotel

The idea is to give people the experience of being on a cruise without being in the water. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the point of taking a cruise? Built in 2002, the Sun Cruise Hotel has all the perks of a cruise ship, such as restaurants, lounges, nightclubs and recreational activities, (basically everything except dolphin watching) with none of the seasickness. They even play oceanic noises like birdcalls and the sounds of waves crashing on loud speakers all over the ship.

Call me crazy, (actually, call the Koreans crazy) but to me a cruise ship on land just seems like a strangely-shaped hotel with tiny rooms and none of the “only two people in the world” desperate sex with strangers.

The one benefit I can imagine is that after the Carnival Cruises fiasco this year, people might be clamoring to go on a land cruise. At least the Sun Cruise Hotel doesn’t involve being stranded at sea for days, running out of food, and a literal poop deck.

Sun cruise hotel

Sun cruise hotel


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