Culture Spotting: 5 Things I Learned From My First FNO

Written by emilyc

I can’t even believe that last night was my first Fashion’s Night Out. I can’t decide if I loved it and that it was a magical dreamland of fashion, or if I hated it and am terrified of it. As I ponder this life question, I will leave you with my takeaways from the night.

1. Just because it’s called Fashion’s Night Out, does not mean that everyone partaking in the night out is chic. It doesn’t even mean that the majority is chic…

2. It’s weird shopping late at night surrounded by drunk people. There is, however, an entertainment factor to watching people spill their vodka-cranberries on their new silk blouse purchases.

3. There was way more free food than I thought. Now, free drinks? Those are understandable, but free food for Fashion Week? That’s just ironic.

4. Some people seemed to have forgotten that it wasn’t Miami’s Fashion’s Night Out and dressed for the wrong occasion.`

5. Never take the subway around 6 pm, unless you enjoy being trampled/sat on by tourists and tweens yelling in southern accents about how to get to Bloomingdales.

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Emily is a New Yorker trapped in a Floridian's body and loves every minute of her big city life. With a major in international business and years of being surrounded by ill-fitting suits and all the wrong shoes, she learned that the importance of fashion needs to be communicated to the world. To her, fashion is on the same level as charity work and feeding hungry children. Emily can be found frolicking the streets of her gayborhood enjoying the off-color humor of the gays.

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