Dine-in Brooklyn Movie Theatre For $3 a Ticket

syndicate movie theatre
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Syndicate movie theatre.

A new dine-in Brooklyn movie theatre charges only $3 a ticket.

syndicate movie theatre

If you live in New York city, there are precious few things you can get for three dollars. Currently, one of the only things you can get at that price is a subway ride or a cup of plain coffee (because a latte is like $6 and a piece of your soul), and that will probably change when the MTA (AKA Satan’s side business) hikes up the price again. That’s why I’m so stoked for Syndicated, a new movie theatre in Bushwick, where you can get dinner and a show for a reasonable price.

The movie theatre is small at only 50 seats, but there is lots of food and booze. A single ticket is only three dollars, and a double feature is five dollars. The double feature is still cheaper than the average Starbucks grande latte, so just let that sink in for a minute, okay?

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The theatre will show everything from 80s blockbusters to classic movies, and serve all kinds of tasty dishes like hot fried chicken sandwiches and artisanal snacks. It’s the place to take a date with strong dietary needs– you won’t be feasting on gluten-free flautas, Paleo granola, kosher certified ice cream sundaes. Taking in a classic like Back to the Future in a small, local theater with hot eats basically sounds like my version of living the dream, and I’m hoping some 80s blockbusters with Eddie Murphy make it to the lineup as well.

If Bushwick isn’t too much of a schlep for you, this dine-in Brooklyn movie theater of sounds like the perfect date spot for a bad weather evening.

syndicate movie theatre syndicate movie theatre

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