DIY Braid Tutorial: Selena’s Wild Braid-Hawk

Written by Bryce

Braid-hawk: the love child of a summery braid and a mohawk, and it’s awesome. You know you want to do it. We’ve got the DIY hair tips on how you can rock this look like a pro.

Laura Hernandez and Dee Eiwasian of Assembly Salon in Los Angeles walk us through this less-complicated-than it looks style.

1. Tease the front section of your hair, and clip it up out of the way
2. Smooth the sides of your hair and pin to the center.
3. Unclip the front section and pin in in place to form a tall bouffant.
4. Add clip in extensions to the pony tail part of the Mohawk if needed. Secure those with bobbies.
5. Start braiding the Mohawk section in a three-strand braid. Pull out the braid as you go along to create the loops. Pin as you go, and continue braiding the Mohawk section. Repeat until you get to the base of the neck, then tie it off with a tie. Spray the entire style with texturizing spray, and use your fingers to make the braid look a bit undone. (I totally recommend Kerastase’s Spray A Porter)

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