DIY Men’s Eyebrow Grooming Tips Every Dude Needs

Written by Allison

DIY men’s eyebrow grooming tips to set him apart or be beauty gold for your routine.

Now I know, not every dude want’s to hear grooming tips from a lady. I’ve heard it all before. But, as a woman blessed with a rather robust set of brows, a love for a well groomed man, plus a good decade of brow taming experience I can say with confidence I can help you. Men’s eyebrow grooming is a great thing. You can make it subtle to clean up a few rogue hairs, or you can do a super-hairy overhaul. It’s really up to you.

I would go ahead and show you all of these DIY men’s eyebrow grooming tips on my fiancé, who you would think has bushy brows because he has a bushy beard. But, he lucked out with the best eyebrow genes of all time and his brows look naturally how I have to work to get mine. Instead you get to look at my brows up close in personal in the unruliest state I’ll let them get to.

1. Don’t shave your brows

Ya’ll. It’s super obvious when a unibrow has been straight up shaved off. Every razor known to mankind (besides brow trimming razors, which you can admit, you don’t have) is too wide to shave off a unibrow. It will make your eyebrows look too far apart and it’s usually pretty obvious. Just saying.

2. Buy a mustache trimming kit

No excuses, you can find an mustache trimming kit in every single convenience store on this planet. You will need a pair of small but sharp scissors and a tiny comb to groom your eyebrows. Non-negotiable!

3. Invest in tweezers

Scissors and tweezers are going to be your go-to eyebrow maintenance tools. Grab a pair of Tweezermans for $20 and you’ll use them for the rest of your life. They even have a lifetime sharpening guarantee so if you somehow wear them down, you can get them sharpened for free.

4. Avoid waxing or threading for a natural look

These are my brows having been left untouched for about a month. My brows from way back when I was a kid were basically straight rectangular blocks. But with consistent tweezing for years on end, the hairs don’t grow back the way they used to (this will happen to you too, given enough time).

The reason I warn off waxing or threading for dudes is because it usually leaves an unnaturally clean cut look. That may be the look you’re going for, but if it’s just a little bit of brow maintenance you need, it’s best to avoid. It’s much easier to get a natural looking shape with tweezers, plus, you can do it yourself at home.

5. Trim bushy hairs

If your brows are heading into that older-dude curly and bushy territory (no matter what age you are) you can just trim your brows. I have a fancy brush I use for this but this is where that tiny mustache comb comes into play. Comb your brows upwards and trim off the ends. Make sure you don’t cut off too much your first go around. You can always trim more, but you don’t want to end up with a bald patch in your brows from trimming willy nilly.

6. To trim or not to trim the front of the brow

This is another personal preference thing. If you like a clean cut look, try trimming the inner portion of your brows. Just those little hairs that naturally grow upwards.

I personally trim mine to match in length with the hight of the rest of my brows, but you can leave it longer for a more natural look.

You can see the difference between an untrimmed brow and a fully trimmed brow.

7. Tweeze extra hairs

If you get hairs a solid centimeter out from the bulk of your brows, go ahead and tweeze them out. You can leave some speckled in-between to make sure your brows don’t look too perfect.

Now is also a good time for a tweezing 101 lesson. There’s really only two rules: do it in a mirror about a foot away from your face, and pull the direction your hair is growing. You don’t want to be too close to a mirror because you can over-focus and tweeze too much. Taking a step back puts your brows in a normal perspective. Plucking in the direction your hair grows is just the least painful way to tweeze hairs. Plus, you’re less likely to just break the hair off which means you’ll get longer in between tweezing.

8. Leave a little fuzz to look natural

Leaving the little hairs that don’t immediately belong but aren’t way far away lets your brows look more natural.

9. Unibrow removal location

The general rule of thumb is to draw a straight line from your nostrils up to see where your brows should start. But, that also kind of depends on your nose. For me, that makes the difference between the left and right edge of the pen. If I were following this rule it would mean tweezing away all those little hairs that grow upwards which I really like. So instead of calling this a hard and fast rule, take it as a general guideline.

10. Brush your brows to style

If your brows aren’t too bushy, take your mustache comb and comb your brows backwards to style.

11. Secure with brow gel or hairspray

If your brows are on the burlier side, use a little bit of clear mascara, hairspray, or even hair pomade to keep the hairs in place. Just be careful with how much product you use, a little goes a long way and too much can look shiny.

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