A DNA Test Could Give You Your Best Skin Routine

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While we’re used to just rubbing whatever hot product hits the market at the moment on our face, it’s not always the best idea. Sure, money can buy you some serious skin and take you to some wonderful beauty destinations. Now I’m not suggesting you run up on the Maury show and get your results on local cable but a DNA test could be kind of fun. It’s actually quite easy and very Law & Order:SVU. Dr. Ruthie Harper, of Skinshift, is changing the dermatologists are working with a super easy way to find the best skincare for you.

While Dr. Harper is based in Texas, she’s able to provide you with some amazing DNA-skin results. First, you’ll start by easily swabbing your cheek with a special q-tip and then sending it off to Texas. (Don’t worry, all tests are done confidentially and then immediately destroyed.) The next step is simple, after your DNA is tested and Harper has studied 5 of your  SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms): collagen formation factor, sun protection factor, antioxidant protection factor, glycation protection factor, and inflammation control, the doctor will then give you recommendations on topical treatments.


You’ll be given the recommendations to use certain products from her line of skin products, SkinShift. It’s all based on testing your DNA and finding out in which category you rate high or low. The DNA testing itself costs $99 with products ranging between $34 – $75. It’s kind of interesting isn’t it. Sure, there’s some awesome beauty necessities and new beauty lessons that we all have to learn. But it’s cool to know that you can learn so much about your skin regiment from your DNA.




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