Dog People That Go Too Far

Written by Emily

You know how people say sometimes you start to look like your dog? Then there’s this.

I went to a dog show once. It was last year and it was for research on what kind of dog I wanted. One thing I learned right away is that dog show people are weird. Like real weird. As much as I love Yogi (my Shar Pei that I decided on), he is not human. I refuse to dress him up, paint his toe nails (it exists), or talk about him like he is my child. He’s not, no matter how effing adorable he is.

Here’s the other extreme. You get the people that look EXACTLY LIKE THEIR DOGS. What?! No. You’re weird. It’s sad. I wish PETA would come and give you a formal warning about how wrong it is and even PETA people are weird. To the ladies in this photo with their dog, just know I am judging you.

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  • Okay, I’ll admit it – I’m a dog show person. I have Labradors (they are black – I am not) so that “looking like my dog” theory doesn’t hold water in my case. The ladies in the photo above with the Afghan Hound might not even be the owners – in fact, they are likely professional handlers. Handlers generally have many different breeds with them at shows – they would be hard pressed to look like the dogs they are showing, because they have so many! AKC sanctioned events (like the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show) judge the dogs on their conformation – how closely they conform to the breed standard. I have NEVER seen painted nails on dogs at any AKC events, and can’t imagine you saw that at the show you attended; in fact, I’d be surprised if you did.


  • I think she meant the toe nails on dogs in the street, not at a show. And its so nice that you are a mixed race family.
    I have seen dogs with painted toenails (mostly small dogs), dogs dressed up, pushed in prams and styled with elaborate hairdos; hey never look happy. And a lot of dog owners to begin to resemble their dogs or maybe its the other way around. No matter what DOGS RULE!!!!!!!

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