Easy NYE Cocktails: CIROC Celebracion Recipe

Written by Bryce

Looking for easy NYE cocktails to prepare for your bounty of guests? Set your sites on this easy peasy CIROC vodka cocktail that’s sure to please.

Hooray! You’ve got just enough time to gather all the ingredients and party supplies for the big night. If you’re staying in or hosting a party, pick up a bottle of your favorite vodka (we used CIROC for this one), some mixing liquers, garnishes, and champagne. All you’ll need for this party-pleaseing cocktail is a few staples and a strong shaking arm. Recipe below:

CÎROC Celebración

.75oz CÎROC Coconut

.25oz Peach Liqueur

.25oz Orange Brandy Liqueur

.25oz Cognac

.75oz Fresh Lemon Juice

Top with Champagne


Editor’s note: Remember to drink responsibly, have a designated driver, and ring in the new year with as much happiness and positivity as humanly possible! xoxo

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