6 Easy Waist Slimming Exercises to Try Now

Written by Bryce

Some of the easiest waist slimming exercises to beat the bulge:

We teamed up with Bergen Wheeler, exhale’s National Director of Core Fusion Talent + Development and Core Fusion Teacher, to come up with the following waist slimming exercises.


  1. Pretzel: Targets glutes, hamstrings, obliques and thighs

waist slimming exercises

Sit on the floor right leg forward and left behind you in 90 degree angles. Place palms on the floor trying to keep shoulders over hips.  Shoulders facing forward and toes pointed, rotate back hip forward always keeping knee behind hip. Lift your left leg up and down a few inches keeping your ankle above your knee. Lift for 30 reps. Switch sides. This is one of the easiest waist slimming exercises, appropriate for beginnings and up.

2. Curl with a Twist: Targets: abdominals and obliques

curl with a twist

Sit with your knees bent hips width apart, keep your feet flat. Your elbows will rest on the floor, slightly behind your shoulders with your palms down. Pull your abdominal muscles in toward your spine, and tuck your  pelvis under in order to press your lower back and waist down into the floor. Hold this position, and practice breathing without moving the abdominals for 10 seconds.  Hold on to your outer thighs while pressing your lower back down into the floor. When holding your outer thighs, your elbows are high and wide, your shoulders are down and back, your ears are over your shoulders, and the bottom of your chin is parallel to the floor. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Bring your right hand to your left outer thigh as you twist your upper body to the left while keeping the back of the waist on the floor. Hold on with both hands and stay in the position without falling back. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Rest and repeat on the other side. Then repeat each side again either letting go of top hand or both hands from outer thigh.

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3. Supported bridge: This shape helps you breathe space into your low belly and pelvic bowl.  It also gently lengthens the low back.

supported bridge

Lie down on your back with your knees bend, heels in line with your sits bones stacked just under your knees. Lift your pelvis off the floor enough to slide a block (or a stack of books) under your sacrum, the fused set of vertebrae that makes up the back wall of your pelvis. Keep the block on its lowest setting turned perpendicular to your spine. Rest here as long as you’d like!

4. Double Knee Pull:

waist slimming exercises

Seated with knees into chest feet off of the floor with your arms extended out beside your knees. Roll through your spine stopping right before the shoulder blades. Legs are extending out at an angle while contracting abs. Return to starting position.

5. X Abs: Targets upper abs

x abs

Starting position: On the floor with arms above head wider than shoulders, palms up, and your legs straight with feet wider than hips. Body should look like an X.

Action: Reach your right hand off of floor to meet your left knee and at the same time reach left knee off of floor to meet right hand. Left hand stays on the floor for stability. Right leg stays on the floor for stability. Return to starting position. Repeat in the opposite direction.

6. Gliders Pike Up: Targets chest, biceps, shoulders, and abs

gliders pike

Starting position: Feet in the center of gliders. Straight  arm plank position

Action: Straight leg pike up: Lift hips high to the sky, pull toes to wrists and up on your toes. Lower hips back down to plank

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