Edible Water Bottles, Because: The Future

water blobs
Written by Gary

Could edible water bottles be the newest way to hydrate?

water blobs

In the past year or so, I have become a lot more conscious of the fragile state of our Earth. It all started when I was walking home from the gym, drinking a protein shake. I then thought about the bottle, how it was made of hard plastic, and where it would end up if I threw it away (I’m guessing Staten Island).

Basically, I realized that human beings are a disease to the planet (by choice) and the amount of trash just one person creates every day is ridiculous. So now I always bring my plastic bottles home with me to recycle like a socially responsible 30-something gay.

In the future however, I may not even have to do that. Is it just me, or are we about to support millennials being lazy even more than ever?

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A company out of London has created an inexpensive, biodegradable water bottle called Ooho. The orb kind of looks like a fake boob, but is totally edible. I assume that’s a totally different topic, edible breast implants, but whatever. It is created by taking a frozen ball of water and surrounding it with layers of calcium chloride and brown algae, which coats the water in gel and hardens for form an edible skin.

In the US alone, 50 billion plastic bottles are used annually, so this is definitely a step in the right direction. Now if they could only create a gel coating for our depleting atmosphere, I think we might stand a chance at survival.

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