Electric Ladyland: A Psychedelic Museum in Amsterdam

electric ladyland, amsterdam
Written by Gary

If there is anywhere in the world that is appropriate to house a psychedelic museum dedicated to fluorescent art, it is probably Amsterdam. A friend of mine went there and said she got so high at a coffee shop she spent most of her vacation laying in bed staring at the ceiling in her hotel room. If only she had known that right down the road from the Anne Frank museum there existed a treasure trove of glow-in-the-dark eye candy.

electric ladyland, amsterdam
Called Electric Ladyland, the fluorescent museum is located in a basement (where else?) underneath an art gallery called the Electric Lady. The museum adopts a “participatory art” experience, so any stoned randoms that wander in off the street are encouraged to explore the space at their own leisure. The basement is filled with not only neon sculptural forms that look like the inside of one of Jerry Garcia’s lava lamps, but also rocks and other natural items that react to UV light.
If you find yourself stumbling around Amsterdam, Electric Ladyland is probably a great place to waste an afternoon, especially if you recently inhaled two pot-sicles (eating the 2nd one because you were sure the 1st one wasn’t going to kick in. Then it did. And it kept kicking until you were sure you would never be sober again).
Regardless of whether you are stoned out of your mind, its always good to broaden your horizons and learn something about the science behind phosphorescence.

electric ladyland, amsterdam

electric ladyland, amsterdam

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