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Europe Just Banned These Popular Breast Implants

popular breast implants
Written by Bryce

What you need to know about the ban on popular breast implants

Here’s a new one to add to our list of breast implant facts — Europe just banned the use of widely popular breast implants with textured outer coatings. The national health regulator of France has blocked renewal of Allergan’s textured implants, Microcell and Biocell, in Europe and issued an advisory to patients with these implants to undergo regular checks for a specific type of blood cancer called ALCL. This cancer, anaplastic large cell lyphoma, is more commonly found in women with textured breast implants, and although it’s treatable, more than 600 cases worldwide have been reported.

“The majority of USA-based plastic surgeons have been aware of ALCL for years and have already switched from textured implants to smooth ones which have no risk of ALCL,” explains Steve Fallek, MD, a cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon at BeautyFix MedSpa in New York. “Textured implants ‘stick’ more and are less likely to drop or move and are used with anatomic or tear shaped implants so they don’t rotate.”

However, the US Food and Drugs Administration still permits the sale of these popular breast implants with textured coatings despite understanding the increased cancer risk they come with — all the more reason to seek a surgeon with up-to-date practices and a good reputation. If you’re considering breast implants, there are several smooth-textured options on the market with no significant price difference to the consumer, and most doctors will offer you a choice of texture, size, and filling.

A recently published study found that, “Surface area and topography of breast implant textures are important factors contributing to tissue ingrowth and adherence,” which means it is definitely important to talk texture with your doctor before undergoing surgery.

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