Everyone Obviously Needs a Baguette Bag

Baguette Bag
Written by emilyc

Unless you’re totally retro and doing the Atkins diet, I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t need a designated bag in which to store their baked goods. Welcome to 2013 – bread is chic.

Baguette Bag

Ukraine-based brand CYAN makes this necessary luxury and obviously knows the value of a good baguette: they’re not something to mess around with. If your adopted baguette doesn’t arrive home from the bakery warm and crispy, it doesn’t deserve you. The Baguette Bag ensures your baked goods’ worth while allowing you free hands to tweet and text your friends about your new bread. Plus, it’s a fashion statement, as seen below. Paired with an oxford and denim cut-offs, carbs will be the last thing on people’s minds when they see your excellent street style. Just look at that vertical shape! It elongates the body line like a high-waisted pant and a lucite Margiela pump!

baguette bag

Procure a baguette bag here.

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