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Pay an Evil Clown to Stalk Your Child

dominic deville, evil clown
Written by Gary

Have your kids been misbehaving this year? Send an evil clown to stalk them for their birthday.

dominic deville, evil clown

I know you love your children, but even you can admit that sometimes, they act like little bastards. Dominic Deville, a Switzerland-based clown decided to turn this fact into a lucrative business, and decided to start scaring children for money.

His service is called Evil Clown, and is located in Lucerne, Switzerland. The idea is that you pay him to spend 7 days stalking, messaging, and creeping your kid out, until the last day when his scare tactics culminate with a birthday cake to the face. If you have raised a particularly bad-ass kid that isn’t freaked out and dodges the cake, he or she gets to eat it. If your offspring gets too scared and wets his or her pants, the prank can be called off at any time. The idea is that children love to be scared, and there is probably nothing scarier to an 8-year-old than an evil clown.

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So if your son or daughter has been a real asshole lately and you live in the general vicinity of Switzerland, you should consider hiring Dominic to teach them a lesson or two about being a bitch around your birthday.

dominic deville, evil clown

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