This Fall Fruit Prevents Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, and Cancer

Pomegranates are clearly, a powerful, preventative fruit of which we should all be eating more.

The seasonal, seeded fruit, native to Asia, is now cultivated all over the world — including Europe, The Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Arizona and California, for its profound nutritional value.

These health benefits are mostly derived from the fruit’s rich antioxidant content; according to, a research study was conducted in California which proved that a glass of pomegranate juice a day could decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease!

Additionally, pomegranates’ antioxidant content are also shown to inhibit cholesterol build-up and cancer cell growth, making it one of the top heart-healthy and cancer-fightin’ foods in nature!

If you need more reasons to eat pomegranates, here are six other impressive benefits:

1. They promote healthy and youthful skin. Pomegranates’ dense concentration of antioxidants and vitamin C makes it the ultimate skin food; they not only protect your skin from sun damage, but prevent age spots, wrinkles, and discoloration. Pomegranates help you attain that glow you’ve always longed for.

2. They boost bone health. Pomegranates strengthen bone cartilage, which, in turn, helps prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis!

3. They help you lose weight. Pomegranates’ energy-boosting properties boost the metabolism, as well as promote healthy detox.

4. (In women) They promote healthy pregnancy. Pomegranates’ high concentrations of vital nutrients such as niacin, potassium, and iron support healthy cell growth in baby development. As for the mothers, pomegranates, due to their anti-inflammatory properties, alleviate cramps and aching.

5. (In men) They fight impotency. Pomegranate consumption in men is shown to prevent male impotency and prostate cancer, as well as promote healthy libido.

6. They improve your digestion. Pomegranates’ high fiber-count promotes a healthy gut and keeps things…regular!

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