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Fashion Crave: Kanupriya Khurana

Written by Casey

Handcrafted jewelry from India by Kanupriya Khurana

Jewelry by Kanupriya Khurana are beautiful and uniquely crafted pieces of modern accessories with a vintage vibe. Her collection consists of distinctive silhouettes created from an eclectic mix of exotic stones set in a range of materials from organic wood to rare metals, all ranging an an incredible $50-$350 retail.

Handcrafted by artisans in India, Kanupriya marries vintage inspiration with modern form, resulting in elaborate cuffs, bejeweled statement necklaces, bold cocktail rings, and flirtatiously feminine earrings.  Every bauble is intricately shaped to bring out the innate natural beauty of each stone, while ensuring the unique design is directly reflective ofKhurana’s personal style.

Shop Kanupriya jewelry online here.

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