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Fashion Crave: The Kooples

Written by Casey

Fashion Crave with The Kooples

Luxury clothing brand, The Kooples pride themselves with dressing men and women in sharp allure with a style borrowed from icons of fashion and a love for vintage. What is unique about this brand is the find interesting and beautiful and talented celebrity couples, and have them model the clothes. On their website they feature the most inspiring and beautiful one minute videos of each of the celebs answering questions about love and their relationship. This holiday collection includes beautiful blazers, dresses, to die for black heels, skirts, leather jackets, sleek pants, and hot cross-body bags.

The concept behind The Kooples, is that they design for couples. The Kooples declares it’s purpose as “Bringing chic back to the streets.” Created by the Elicha brothers, a trio with an amazing sense of style, The Kooples represents their innate desire to reproduce clothes that “resist the passage of time and remain elegant for all of eternity.”  Decidely fashionable, the collections are ultimately inspired by the brother’s musical taste, hence the penchant for British blazers, skinny jeans, brass buttons, retro Zippos, not to mention the skulls and other rock memorabilia. Even the name was chosen in honor of the best bands that set the stage on fire at New York’s legendary club CBGB’s. The masculine-feminine approach inspired by the street culture scene blends the chic of Paris with the cool of London to create clothes that transcend the trends to become the new basics.

The name of The Kooples can be likened to the biggest names in musical history…The Beatles, The Clash, The Kinks, The Who, and of course The Rolling Stones.  ”By following your instincts and indulging your zeal your can escape the limits of simple fashion and enter the more unattainable realm of style”.

Shop the amazing Kooples collection and check out their romantic couple’s videos as well online here!

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