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Fathers Day: Scotch and Skin Care

Who Said Scotch Isn’t Beautiful?

Well, its Fathers Day in a bit, and you haven’t bought anything yet.  Neither have I. It’s cool, its not fashionable to get a gift in advance, everyone knows that.  Darting around at the last minute is half the fun.  Lets throw around a few ideas.

Remington 8 in 1 razor

As one of the Lux Spotters with the ability to grow a beard, some might call me the authority on facial grooming around these parts.  (Below the belt grooming, well, there is a certain ‘jazzler who holds that title.)  I’ve dabbled in any face grooming method imaginable.  The one method I was always hesitant for was the electric razor. My first ever razor was electric in my early shaving days, and it didn’t last long.  This was early in life, before things like “not looking disheveled in a timely manner” mattered.  So, why not give it a shot once more, I said.  As these words were uttered, the Remington 8-in-one electric razor magically appeared in my hand. For one who sports the stubble look from time to time, this can be a valuable tool.  Its like a Swiss Army Razor, complete with nose hair attachment. Sometimes there just isn’t time to break out out the various shaving products and this guy picks up the slack.

Also, doesn’t everyone’s dad have a mustache?  I know mine does.

Eshu Skin Care

So when there is time for the intense shave, I’m an avid fan of various fancy shaving products.  Dad is not on the skincare bandwagon?  Tell him to get with it, stop using his email address, and get some kick ass moisturizer.  The Arbonne RE9 Shave Gel is pretty much my new jam.  Shaving cream is so 2004, its just not going to cut it anymore.  When minimally applied, it was like the ultimate face lubricant.  It might have been the only time I did not require aftershave, on my overly sensitive face (yes, my skin is emo at times).  The Eshu Face Wash and moisturizer definitely woke up my face, a quality I always look for in a face wash.  Its got a nice smell to it. Not too flowery and whatnot, definitely falls into the manly side of skin care.  Can we come up with a new name if this is gonna be for the patriarch of the family?  Skin care sounds kind of dainty.  Lets call it “Skin Army Defense”  OK, that’s what I’m sticking with.

The Glenlivet 1973 Cellar Collection

Hey, its called The Luxury Spot, deal with it.  In addition to the mustache, pretty much everyone’s dad loves Scotch.  So Glenlivet takes some scotch in 1973, begins the aging process, and doesn’t release it until this year. That’s basically the same thing as that new Stones Exile On Main St Release, both of which I had to have some of.  Now, while I may not be of the means to buy the full bottle, I’m about to crack open our sample, I’m wearing a suit jacket and ascot as we speak, here we go.

It has a licorice aroma, maybe some cinnamon in there? They claim it has a gingerbread flavor, and they would be right, a sweet flavor. Very dark and rich color.  Wow, that’s some smooth scotch.  If you put ice in this one, you should be arrested.

There are only 240 bottles being released, so for the serious scotch connoisseur, this is one not to miss.

Compass Box “Peat Monster” Scotch Whisky

If you want to go outside the norm, this is a small batch whisky producer.  This one is smokey as can be, with a complex woody flavor, kind of like drinking a really awesome tree.  Although I don’t smoke cigars, I feel like I should have one while I drink this delicious beverage.  If dad is of the old school, straight scotch variety, this is a badass exotic choice.  This is one to have with a giant steak and several varieties of potato.

So there you go, a few choices for the man of the house.  Some Skin Army Defense, some Scotch, that’s really all anyone needs.

Disclosure: All products were provided for review. No monetary compensation was received for this review. All opinions belong to the author.

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