Photos of Fiesta San Antonio That’ll Make You Hop a Flight to Texas

San Antonio Fiesta
Written by Bryce

Fiesta San Antonio is life-changing

If we were wondering if you need to check out Fiesta San Antonio (sometimes called San Antonio Fiesta, conversely), the answer is a simple yes. Yes — you need to go. San Antonio is an incredible city year-round, but Fiesta San Antonio is a special time that deserves extra attention. It’s filled with rich parties, incredible parade floats, vibrant street food and drinks (some even rivaling the best Creole desserts in New Orleans), and enormous crowds of cheerful people. In fact, just about everyone in the city is happy during San Antonio Fiesta, which is reason enough to check it out.

Be sure to check out the town plazas

san antonio fiesta

Plaza behind Hotel Emma, San Antonio Fiesta 2018

San Antonio has several town plazas, and they’re all filled with live entertainment, music, and fan fare during Fiesta. You won’t be disappointed, and we strongly suggest finding a plaza you like near the riverfront area. Fiesta San Antonio is a springtime celebration, so you’ll be treated to gorgeous t-shirt weather, in-bloom flowering bushes, and lots of fresh air.

Check out the floats before the parade

san antonio fiesta

Parade float set up for San Antonio Fiesta

The San Antonio Fiesta parade is one of the best-known celebrations in Texas, and even the preparations are a pleasure to watch. You can park some folding chairs under the highway overpass and behind the main parade route to see people setting up their intricate floats, costumes, and other displays. You won’t be disappointed.

Put on your best makeup and get into the parade itself

San Antonio Fiesta

The whole city takes part in Fiesta

Break out the face paint and glitter eye makeup, because even onlookers get into the parade spirit during Fiesta San Antonio. If you’re worried about clogging your pores and post-parade fungal acne, don’t worry we have some solutions here. The point is simply that everyone gets involved in the parade, no matter how young or old, and you should be no exception.

Hop up on a float

fiesta san antonio

Fiesta San Antonio is jam-packed with DIY floats

Feel free to ride the wave of happiness. Align with a local school organization, charity, church, military chapter, veteran’s organization, or even the local girl or boy scouts to nab a chance to hop up on one of the dozens of gorgeous DIY-style Fiesta floats destined for greatness.

Don’t let age sway you

fiesta san antonio

Literally every age you can imagine takes part in Fiesta San Antonio. People actually fly with infants to get there each year, and elderly people well into their nineties can be seen perched atop parade floats, ordering local Tex-Mex street fare, and singing their hearts out in public. Obviously every other age in between has a blast, too. There’s no excuse not to partake.

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