Finnair is about to start weighing passengers

Written by Bryce

Don’t grab an extra donut at the airport if you’re flying Finnair.

The idea of weighing passengers before they board their planes from Helsinki may sound so crazy that it can’t be real, but put your carbs down — it’s not fake news. Passengers at Helsinki airport flying with the Finnish national airline this week have been asked to step onto scales prior to boarding their flights.

Apparently those flying who don’t want to do it are still permitted to board, but people are strongly encouraged to participate, and even “shamed into doing so,” according to one passenger.

“We were asked if we were willing to step onto the scales,” shared a passenger who chooses to go by only her first name, Mara. “I’m not university age anymore, and don’t weigh myself regularly even. I felt really uncomfortable with it, but did it anyway.”

Finnair says they’re asking passengers to step on to see if they’re properly calculating fuel and safety estimates, which until now, have been roughly 194 pounds for a man, 154 pounds for a woman, and 77 pounds for a child. Those estimates were calculated nearly 8 years ago when the world was a thinner place, scientifically speaking. The airline also conducted a similar “study” in the 1980s.

As of this morning, nearly 200 passengers have agreed to stepping on scales before boarding, along with their carryon luggage. Finnair says the study will continue till 2,000 passengers have been weighed, a representative told the BBC.

We want to know: would step onto public scales in the name of “research?”

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