Five Crazy Public Urinals and Bathrooms

crazy public toilets
Written by Gary

These five awesome bathrooms make it fun to pee in public.

 crazy public toilets

Dessert public toilet, Japan.

One of my favorite things about visiting London earlier this year was the public urinals on the street that you could use for free. I kept asking myself why the hell New York hadn’t implemented such a thing, and then I remembered: homeless people.

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Still, public bathrooms (especially the ones in Starbucks) are pretty well-known for being disgusting dens of iniquity that make it impossible to feel clean ever again. I’ll go as far as saying that women in general (because they’re the higher species) tend to shy away from anything that has “public urinals” in the title. They just know better.

These five, however, add a little fun into the mix and make public urination an awesome thing (I can’t get arrested for saying that, right?):

crazy public toilets

The shark urinal at Jack Astor’s, Toronto. Insert jokes here about putting your equipment anywhere near teeth.

crazy public toilets

Matakana sculpted public toilet, New Zealand. Because art and urine are like yin and yang.

crazy public toilets

Popup public toilet, everywhere in Europe

crazy public toilets

Urine-controlled video game urinals, Pennsylvania. Also known as “every single human male’s dream pissing experience.”

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