Five Hidden Museums in New York

hidden museums in new york
Written by Gary

Hidden New York Museums.

New York City is chock full of little-known museums to discover.

hidden museums in new york

Mmuseumm 1+ 2

New York is one of the top tourist destinations around the world, so if you live there, chances are you probably feel like you’ve ‘seen it all’. I’ve been living in New York for almost a decade, and even though new things pop up every day, I do feel like I’ve seen it all, especially in terms of museums. I have recently discovered a hidden museum culture in New York however, that is too cool not to share.

Jeremy Brooks, a 20-year New Yorker says:

‘In 20 years living in the city, I have probably been to the MET more times than I can count. I much prefer going off the beaten track and visiting pop-up events, or smaller museums. If people really want the ‘New York experience’, they should get out and immerse themselves in it as much as they can instead of just going to the big tourist attractions.’

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Everyone has heard of the Met, the Whitney, the Guggenheim, and MoMa, but what about Mmuseumm 1+2, The Dream House, and the CB I Hate Perfume museums? In a place so chock full of creative people, it’s no surprise that there would be a bunch of smaller, unknown museums to visit. These five are easy to find, and perfect for a random afternoon of exploration.

hidden museums in new york

Museum of Arts and Design- 2 Columbus Circle

Located right in Columbus Circle, the Museum of Arts and Design is 6 stories full of contemporary works based in art and technology. Thursday evenings offer special admission prices, and there is a cutesy restaurant on the top floor if you get hungry.

hidden museums in new york

The Treasures in the Trash Museum- 343 East 99th St

Curated completely from trash thrown away in the Upper East Side, this museum houses 50,000 pieces of found objects that tell a unique story of the people of New York. It isn’t technically open to the public (it’s owned b the Sanitation Department), but the warehouse can be accessed if you get in touch with the city.

hidden museums in new york

CB I Hate Perfume – 318 Maujer St

Created by a perfumer that hates typical smells, CB I Hate Perfume is a museum of fragrance notes, where you can discover, learn, and even create custom blended perfumes to reflect old memories.

hidden museums in new york

The Dream House- 275 Church St

Called a ‘sound and light’ environment, The Dream House opened in 1993, and features performances by musicians while you lounge around experiencing the ‘sound and light environment’.

hidden museums in new york

Mmuseumm 1+2- 4 Corlandt Alley

At only 20 square feet, Mmuseumm 1 + 2 can only really fit 3 people at a time, but the specially curated objects are worth a look. Created by filmmakers Alex Kalman and the Safdie brothers, the tiny space features strange oddities like pieces of cereal and ISIS currency. It really doesn’t get more ‘off the beaten track’ than this.

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