Five Strange Villages From Around the World

strange villages
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These strange villages from all over the world are totally unique (and worth adding to your adventure list).

strange villages

The Smurf village: The pueblos of Juzcar, Spain were painted blue by Sony execs in a bid to promote the Smurfs movie. After the release, they decided they loved looking like a Smurf village and decided to keep it.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of living in a village seems totally foreign to me. Even though I grew up in a small town where seeing a full moons (body parts, not astronomy) in the boxed wine aisle of Winn Dixie was commonplace, we still had modern amenities and access to the outside world. The same cannot be said for many communities around the word (for better or worse, I can’t tell really), and I find it really interesting to discover how other people live… through The Internet. To celebrate that, here are five strange villages from around the world.

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strange villages

The sleeping village: In Kalachi, Kazakhstan, 25% of the residents have a sleeping sickness that makes them fall asleep for days at time and wake up with nausea, headaches, and memory loss. This phenomenon is possibly related to a Soviet uranium mine located outside the village, but remains unconfirmed.

 strange villages

The Chinese little people village: Yangsi is a tiny village in China’s Sichuan province that consists of almost 40 percent dwarfs. Theories suggest that this may either be caused by mercury in the soil, or a mysterious disease that afflicted children, but nobody really knows the truth. Totally up there on the both lists of strange villages and villages that make you feel tall.

 strange villages

The village with no doors: 300+ buildings in the Indian village of Shani Shingnapur have no doors. Even the public toilets have only a thin curtain for privacy. The reason for this is that the villagers have undying faith in the deity Shani, the God of Saturn.

 strange villages

The village with a fake sun: The small Italian village of Viganella is located at the bottom of a deep valley that gets virtually no sun. Recently, an architect came up with the bright idea (no pun intended) to install a huge mirror on the mountain to reflect sunlight on the village’s main square. The mirror is also computer operated so it follows the path of the sun and lights up the lives of the people living far below.

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