Five Ways to Kill Time in Istanbul

istanbul tourism
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Things to do in Istanbul.

If you have some extra time in Istanbul, check out these destinations.

 istanbul tourism

The Blue Mosque, AKA the historic Sultan Ahmet Mosque is known for it’s unique blue tiled interior. It’s free to enter, just remember to cover your hair, ladies.

You may or may not know this, but Turkey is a lot more than just a place you would never want to get arrested. We have written a lot about the beautiful architecture, especially when it comes to mosques, but Istanbul also has amazing food, bazaars where you can shop your little tourist heart out, and of course, Turkish baths. So if you should ever find yourself with some time to kill in Istanbul, check out these five attractions, just remember to steer clear of the law.

istanbul tourism

The Basilica Cistern once provided water for the Great Palace of Constantinople, and is open to the public for tours of ancient awesomeness including two carved Medusa heads that are just begging to be grammed.

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istanbul tourism

A short river cruise on the Bosphorus offers amazing views of both sides of Istanbul, and the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

 istanbul tourism

The Grand Bazaar is really the only place to buy souvenirs, from jewelry to textiles, soap, spices, and more. Also, it’s totally old, dating back to the 15th Century, so it’s a bit of a history lesson, too.

istanbul tourism

There are historic Turkish baths all over Old Istanbul, but you basically can’t leave until you’ve experienced the luxury of bathing in one of these grand structures.

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