Flying Fortress Aircrafts in Russia

soviet russian airplanes
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Huge flying aircrafts in Russia.

In case you didn’t know, Soviet aircrafts were ridiculously huge.

soviet russian airplanes

I write a lot of crappy stuff about Russia, so I decided today to focus on something they did well, which was, to create the biggest fucking airplanes I have ever seen. The largest aircraft in the world was the Russian Antonov AN-225, which has a larger wingspan than the Airbus A380 but in the 1930s, the Russians we were working on an even larger craft.

The wingspan would have been double the size of a Boeing 747, and even though it was experimental, passengers and cargo would have been housed in the wings. The aircraft could have carried up to 128 passengers, and included luxury cabins for 64 passengers. It also contained 12 gun stations, two machine guns at the tail, and could carry more than 16 tons of bombs.

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This particular aircraft was destroyed in a crash in 1933, and no more prototypes were built. Russians may hate gays, transgender people, and good taste at weddings, but the two things they really do well are vodka, and huge fucking airplanes.

soviet russian airplanes soviet russian airplanes soviet russian airplanes

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