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Foods That Fight Acne

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Everyone has suffered from acne at some point in their lives. From small pimples to face-covering acne breakouts, it can be a pain in the rear to deal with this problem. There are many awesome remedies for dealing with acne naturally, but did you know that eating the right foods is one of the best ways to deal with your acne problems?

Check out these great foods that help you fight your pimples:

  1. Nuts — Did you know that acne can be caused by a lack of certain important minerals like selenium and zinc? If you want to deal with your acne, you’ll need to eat more of the foods that contain those minerals. Nuts are rich in minerals as well as Vitamin E, calcium, iron, and copper, all of which help to keep your skin healthy and acne-free.
  2. Salmon — Pretty much any fish will do, but salmon is the best. Salmon is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce the swelling that makes your pimple angry and red. It can even reduce the chemicals that trigger your body’s cells to clog up your pores.
  3. Avocado — You’ll find that this is one of the best foods to eat if you want to have a healthy body, but it’s particularly good for those trying to deal with acne. The Vitamin E in the fruit will help to boost your skin health, and the Vitamin C it contains will reduce the inflammation of your skin while also moisturizing it and reducing damage.
  4. Fennel — This root may taste a bit odd, but it’s incredibly useful for improving your skin health. It can speed up digestion, reduce the swelling of infected pores, and even flush the excess toxins and chemicals from your skin. It’s a natural cleanser that just works!
  5. Grapes — The darker and redder the grapes, the more antioxidants they contain. These antioxidants help to deal with skin conditions that cause inflammation, including the more serious types of acne. Grapes can even help to control allergic reactions on your skin, making them a very useful fruit to eat!


  1. Alfalfa Sprouts — If you want to clear up that acne in a flash, it’s time to load up on alfalfa sprouts in your salad! These little sprouts may not seem like much, but they contain enzymes that reduce inflammation in your skin. The nutrients in the sprouts also work to clear up your skin, ensuring that your pimple disappear.
  2. Artichoke — You’ll find that artichokes are loaded with Vitamin C, which helps to kill off the bacteria causing your acne and even hydrates your skin. The fiber in the vegetable can help to eliminate a lot of the toxins that may be responsible for the acne breakout in the first place, and you’ll give your skin the nutrients it needs to repair the damage caused by the acne.
  3. Broccoli — It may not be your favorite veggie, but it’s one you’ll need to eat if you want to deal with your acne. Broccoli is loaded with all types of vitamins, including A, C, E, K, and some B vitamins. The antioxidants in the broccoli will help fight off the free radicals promoting skin damage, and will help your skin repair itself.
  4. Brown Rice — Loaded with minerals like magnesium, brown rice is also an excellent source of protein,  Vitamin B, and a number of antioxidants. It can help to regulate your hormones, reducing the risk of acne breakouts.
  5. Garlic — Want to fight inflammation? Try garlic! The compound allicin is found in garlic in high levels, and it will kill off the P. acne bacteria like a pro!

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