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10 Foods That Increase Libido

Written by andy

Give your love life a boost by eating these foods that increase libido.

As the average person grows older, their sex drive tends to decrease. This is caused by a number of factors, including reduced hormone production, hormonal imbalances, poor circulation, fatigue, chronic illness, and the list goes on and on. But if you want to give your sex life a boost, you’ll find that there are a few foods to eat that will do wonders for your libido:

  1. Watermelon — Watermelon contains citruline, a compound that can help to dilate the blood vessels in your groin area in order to increase circulation to the happy fun parts. Citruline–and some of the other compounds in watermelon–work like a natural form of Viagra, helping to increase libido.
  2. Blackberries –– Blackberries and the tiny seeds they contain are both useful to eat if you want to give your sex life a boost. The little berries are loaded with phytochemicals that will increase both your sexual stamina and your overall desire. Just a handful of the berries or a tablespoon of the seeds will do wonders for you!
  3. Chocolate –– Chocolate contains flavonoids, particularly one called phenylethlamine. This is a chemical that can stimulate your brain producing a feeling of wellbeing. Chocolate contains another chemical that increases skin sensitivity, heightening your sense of touch. Obviously this is one of everyone’s favorite foods that increase libido.
  4. Broccoli –– It’s odd to think that broccoli could be a libido-boosting food, but the truth is that the Vitamin C content of broccoli will do wonders for your sex life. Vitamin C boosts your circulation, which in turn improves libido–particularly in women.
  5. Chilies –– Spicy on the tongue may mean spicy in the bedroom! Chilies contain capsaicin, a compound that gives them their power and can do wonders for your sex life. Not only will they speed up your metabolism and give you a boost of energy, but they can help to improve your circulation and produce endorphins for a natural “high”.

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  1. Cloves ––  Cloves have been used in India as a treatment for male sexual dysfunction for centuries, as the extracted nutrients from cloves can help to increase sexual activity. Studies have proven that giving the extract to rats can boost sexual desire, so it stands to reason that it will work well on humans too.
  2. Avocadoes — These fruits are loaded with potassium and folic acid, two very important nutrients that will give your sex life a boost. Together, they can not only help to increase your desire, but they’ll enhance your stamina as well!
  3. Ginger –– If you want to boost circulation, there are few foods that can do so more effectively than ginger! Ginger contains the antioxidants zingerone, which increases circulation, elevates your internal temperature, and enhance your libido. By having raw ginger root, ginger tea, or ginger supplements, you can give your body a natural sex boost!
  4. Eggs –– You may not think that eggs would be the most sensual foods around, but the good news is that they will do wonders for your sex drive. Eggs are loaded in protein, which help to increase testosterone production–an important sex hormone for men and women alike. Eggs help to balance hormone levels, fight stress, and promote fertility.
  5. Oysters — Oysters are loaded with zinc, a mineral that helps to stimulate blood flow to your genitalia. Eating oysters helps to release the natural sex hormones that give you the desire for sexual activity, and you’ll find that adding these shellfish to your diet will aid in the production of sperm.


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