For the alcoholic in us all…

Written by Maura

Just like a boy scout, always booze.

Nothing says classy than a great suit on a guy, complete with some really nice cufflinks. And hey, if those cufflinks happen to come in handy during happy hour even better, right? Yes, ladies and gents, they are here at long last… bottle opener cufflinks.


At $50 a pop, these lovely additions to your man’s work wear are only the latest in bottle opener apparel. For the inner surfer in every guy, Reef has the Fanning– complete with bottle opener built into the sole of the sandal.


So whether you are having a Blue Moon after work or Coronas on the beach, your man will be more than prepared to pop open a cold one.

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a born and raised Brooklyn girl who has adopted a bit of the Southern girl charm from spending the last 3 years as a college student in Mobile, Alabama. While away from home she misses the fast paced lifestyle and could kill for a real slice of pizza. She is obsessed with shoes, sushi, her Paul Mitchell straightening iron, and lusting after her David Yurman favorite ring of the week.

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