Three Forbidden Places You Cannot Visit

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Written by Gary

I am constantly making mental checklists of places I want to visit. At the top of that list are the Maldives, and Michael Fassbender’s underwear drawer. While there are plenty of places in the world that I want to see, I am also pretty intrigued by the places I am not allowed to see. Any time I come across a tour of an abandoned historical building or secret place, I am the first to jump on board. That is why I love these three places, where I am not allowed to go, but plan to one day anyway.

strange travel

Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

The Ise Grand Shrine is dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu-omikami, and is considered one of Shinto’s most holy sites. Only a priest or priestess with royal blood can enter, one at a time. The public isn’t even allowed to see the outside, as the shrine is surrounded by tall wooden fences.

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Poveglia, the haunted island, Italy

Poveglia is a tiny island near Venice, Italy. For centuries, the island has served as a refuge for the diseased and deceased. In 1348, the island was used as a quarantine colony for the Bubonic Plague, and a lot of people were burned there. Obviously its haunted, right? Even if you could go there, would you?

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Lascaux Caves, France

Located in southwestern France, Lascaux caves are home to some of the best surviving examples of Paleolithic art. Unfortch, the caves have been banned to the public since 1963 because apparently humans bring fungal invasions with them.

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