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Forget Thick and Dark, Feather Brows are the New Trend

Written by Bryce

Feather brows make us want to hop in a time machine to another era.

If you were wondering why every self-proclaimed Instagram model has been looking the same for the last couple years or so, it’s because feather brows weren’t yet a thing. Sorry to everyone who dropped a paycheck or two at Sephora and Ulta on brow kits. Le sigh.

So here’s what feather brows look, if you’re wondering. The look like, well, feathers. Not the beautiful plumes you’d find attached to a macaw, but rather the ones you’d find strewn about your driveway after your dog had an intense battle with a local pigeon.

@Vava_Vogue on Instagram

Now here’s where the beauty universe leaves us totally confused — there appears to be a part in the eyebrows to mimic the look of a real feather’s stem, but honestly, why? Why do feather brows even need to be a thing? Isn’t the point of makeup to subtly enhance what we’re already working with? We don’t know anyone with a natural part in their eyebrows, but if you do, please, for the love of all things eyeliner, have them leave photo comments here.

Let’s examine more photo evidence of the trend, shall we?

@ritueldefille on Instagram

Even one of our favorite natural makeup lines, Rituel de Fille, is hopping on board the trend. We’re obviously in love with the copper eyeshadow, but the brows? We’re still trying to wrap our souls around this new development. Let’s continue, because we can’t be the only ones seeing these as the worst eyebrows ever. 

Even seemingly normal girls without massive Instagram followings are getting on board.

@sammyjayness on Instagram

And regular Russians just trying to experiment with their looks before Putin outlaws browplay entirely.

@jitterbugstroll on Instagram


What say you, genuine beauty lover? Would you part your eyebrows, comb them in opposing directions, and wax them put to stay on trend? We need to know. It’s for the sake of human advancement.

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