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Fried Chicken Scented Candles? Yes Please

fried chicken scented candle
Written by Gary

Have you ever wanted your home to smell like the inside of Jessica Simpson’s dressing room? Now it can, with a new line of Scents for the Commonwealth fried chicken-scented candles by Kathy Werking and Kentucky for Kentucky.

fried chicken scented candle

When Paula Dean heard about this, she smeared herself in butter and jumped for joy. To create the fried chicken scent, Kathy actually fried up some southern style chicken in a cast iron skillet, and used soy wax instead of cooking oil to trap in the delicious aromas without the risk of an early heart attack. The idea behind the candles was to create a line that captured the “Kentucky experience” so there are two other candles in the collection that smell like ale, and the Kentucky Derby, respectively.

I am thinking of getting these candles for the upcoming Christmas season. Most people like their homes to smell like a pine forest or warm chestnuts roasting on an open crackpipe for the holidays, but I think fried chicken is a much more inviting scent. After all the food I stuffed into my petite frame on Thanksgiving yesterday, I would much rather smell food than eat it, anyway.

fried chicken scented candle

fried chicken scented candle

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