Frozen S’mores are the New Cronut

frozen s'more
Written by emilyc

Cronuts are so last month, but I know you’re probably still overwhelmed by their advent. You might even be waiting in line for one still. Stay near that line, though, because the same bakery that altered your life with cronuts has invented a summer treat that, until now, could only be found in your dreams. Let’s all thank Dominique Ansel for conceiving frozen s’mores. Frozen. S’mores.

frozen s'more from Dominique Ansel

Let me break it down. You have a chewy vanilla custard ice cream on the inside, kind of reminiscent of what’s inside a Charleston Chew, only softer and more magical. That’s engulfed with crispy chocolate pastry wafers called feuilletine. Those layers are nestled inside a marshmallow, then scorched with a blowtorch. For a finishing touch, your frozen s’more is served on an applewood-smoked willow stick for ultimate campfire chicness. Summer is now redefined.

It’s 189 Spring Street. If you don’t know, now you know.

frozen smore

frozen s'more


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