Five Random Gifts for Weird Moms

weird gifts
Written by Gary

Gift ideas for weird moms.

weird gifts

Face candles

As everyone who ever popped out of a vagina knows, Mother’s Day is steadily approaching. I know a lot of us come from good, loving, cookie cutter homes where all a mother wants is the love of her children and a nice tube of lipstick for this hallowed day, but this post isn’t about those moms.

This post is for all the weird moms out there. I am talking about the women that own a collection of severed baby doll heads they lovingly refer to as their ‘children’. I am talking about the women who push around empty baby carriages, and love watching scary movies and taking bong hits until 4 AM on weeknights. I am talking about the weirdo moms.

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If you have one such mom, chances are you sometimes have a hard time shopping for her. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Tell your weird mom I said hello.

weird gifts

A Denture ring

weird gifts

Val Kilmer Paper Dolls

weird gifts

A Barbie with a Brain

weird gifts

A mounted, crochet dildo

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