Girl Embeds Subway Chip in Her Acrylics, Proves She’s a Genius

Written by Bryce

Genius girl embeds a subway chip directly into her acrylic nails, rides the underground train without swiping.

Lucie Davis is about to be your strap-hanging hero, because this jewelry design student-meets-obvious-cyborg just figured how how to embed an actual subway chip into her acrylic nails. First, Lucie, let’s talk about your acrylics — because it’s clear you’re way ahead of the rest of us plebeians with that rock hard blue mani.

subway chip embedded in nails

Lucie, who studies at Central Saint Martins in the UK, was simply fed up with the prospect of losing her “Oyster Card” (that’s Brit slang for subway pass), decided to simply remove the RFID chip from her card and insert it directly into her acrylics. The blue color she chose was an obvious nod to the Oyster card’s traditional blue design, and yes, she’s totally able to refill the subway chip electronically whenever she needs. We’re not exactly sure what happens if she loses her chip-inclusive nail, but if she maintains her mani for the 2-3 months acrylics can last (with fills), she’s likely going to be enjoying that loss-free lifestyle all the way to school and back for a very long time.

Here’s how it works:


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We salute you, Lucie.

Would you insert a subway chip in your nails? Or some other ‘place’ on your body? Weigh in below.

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