Girl get your cookie on

Written by Aliza

The search for a perfectly baked cookie is comparable to the search for a perfect man. They have to be sweet, but not sweet enough where they make you gag. They have to be mushy on the inside, but not mushy enough that you vomit (from raw food consumption or….love-professing songs…). They have to be hard on the outside, but not hard enough that you can’t break into them. It should be sizable but not…too big. There preferably should be some icing on top (like, employment) and there shouldn’t be any chunks bitten off by a psychotic ex-girlfriend.

With that being said, I’ve found this perfect cookie and am happy to present to you the culinary confections of Wonderland Bakery. The geniuses at Wonderland have seriously perfected the art of baking to a superhuman degree and I know because they sent me cookies and I ate every single one of them. Also, they sent them to me in a doll-house sized box which means I basically consumed an entire small family’s abode-worth of cookies.

I’m usually turned off by decorative cookies, as they often compromise taste in an effort to present, visually, the most beautiful cookie they can. This is why I was hesitant to taste Wonderland’s cookies (that’s a lie, I’m never hesitant to taste a cookie) because they were SO artistic. However, as my teeth sank into the confection, I was taken aback. I was humbled, if you will. The inside was incredibly soft, as if it were baked to the point where it JUST turned safe to eat after being raw. They tasted like they were baked 10 minutes before I ate them, which is a gigantic feat to achieve for a mass-production baking company.

Wonderland also has this amazing technology that allows them to print directly on a cookie, so they are an excellent option if you want to have your corporate logo made edible. In addition to cookies, Wonderland also produces cupcakes and cakes, which I have yet to taste. However, if their quality is anything like that of their cookies’, I know I won’t be disappointed.

If you’re frustrated with your perfect-significant-other search, these cookies are a great substitute for the time being. Not sexually, but, you know.  For more information or to buy cookies online, visit

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