Glitter Boobs are the Next Big WTF Accessory

Written by Allison

Glitter boobs are the next big trend in cleavage decor.

Are you totally bored with your boobs? Are your plain areolas getting you down? Why not douse them in glitter and get on board with the newest festival look: Glitter Boobs. Popularized by @TheGypsyShrine on Instagram and new their online store, achieving this sparkly look is pretty easy.

Photo Credit: TheGypsyShrine

Their website suggests wearing nipple covers for obvious reasons, then using their peel and stick boob jewels to create your very own set of glitter boobs. Just digest that for a moment: BOOB JEWELS. They suggest applying from the bottom of the boob up to get a lifted “perkier boobie.” After applying rhinestones over your boobs you can then go in with the glitter to fill things out.

Photo Credit: TheGypsyShrine

Not comfortable with baring it all to wear glitter boobs? No problem, you can also accessorize your décolletage with glitter and rhinestones so you’ll be able to look in the mirror and say “I love my boobs” without hesitation.

Photo Credit: TheGypsyShrine

Or, you can really go for it, ditch the rhinestones and go for glittery mirrored realness with disco tits. The trend pairs well with glitter concealer to cover up all those late night glitter boobs incidents, too.

Rachel Benzing as Disco Titz


Rachel Benzing as Disco Titz

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