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Just because I’m still involved in my ever-growing quest to find the secret that will prevent me from aging does NOT mean I’ve failed. In fact, thanks to who I can only imagine to be mad scientists working at Elizabeth Grant, I’ve come pretty close. I credit this new optimism to two of the most fantastic Elizabeth Grant products on the market right now: Biocollasis Gold Essence and Biocollasis Gold Advanced Cellular Radiance.

When I first opened my Biocollasis Gold Advanced Cellular Radiance package, I was a little taken aback by the diminutive size of the product. My finger looked like Godzilla about to take out a tiny cream-village. However, I quickly learned that, true to the adage, “A little dab’ll do ya!” The smooth cream felt cool and refreshing and because of the real gold used in the product, my face had a new luminosity to it that I hadn’t seen in four years. It looked as if my skin was glowing from the inside out instead of a topical shine. In addition, the cream isn’t oily like most daily face lotions; it had a dry-moisture quality to it that my semi-oily skin very much appreciated.

The second product, the Biocollasis Gold Essence, left me equally pleased. The petite bottles come with glass-wand applicators that made me feel like I was sampling ancient formulas in an apothecary. Because the directions read, “Apply sparingly morning and night to face, neck and décolleté,” the first thing I did was slather it all over my face and cleavage. I immediately noticed a tightening sensation which left my skin feeling as if it had been given a painless mini lift and tuck. Surprisingly though, the formula left my face feeling so soft and moisturized throughout the day that I wasn’t even contemplating a reapplication later that evening. Apparently, this is due to the revitalizing properties of gold, which helps skin recapture your own younger complexion.

My beauty routine just got a little richer. Both products can be purchased at

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