The Hair Tapestry Trend is Alive and Well

Written by Bryce

While things may be crazy over in England right now, the hair tapestry trend is certainly alive and kicking… and it’s due to come stateside this summer.

hair tapestry

When the world has seen enough angled haircuts and has reached the obvious tipping point of unicorn-inspired hair coloring, there’s room for something sophisticated, more temporary, and well– British. We can thank the British for a lot of great things, but the hair tapestry fad might be their best contribution to the post-Colonial soil we stand on since tea. That’s right. Tapestries are getting woven directly into strands of hair and it’s about the coolest things we’ve seen in forever because it takes very little skill, cash, or commitment.

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The ‘tapestries’ are simply woven in with any colorful yarn or string, and often include little trinkets, keepsakes, or flowers just because. While it’s possible to wash your hair with the tapestry in place, most gals opt for a seven to ten day run without much shampooing or wetting so the artwork doesn’t come loose or fray. You can easily mimic the trend at home with a friend (it’s hard to weave your own hair tapestry on the back or side of your head, isn’t it?) with a little embroidery thread, a flat, blunt needle, some scissors, and good hand-eye coordination. Don’t poke yourself or your friends, okay?


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