A Day-Glo 1980s Neighborhood in Germany

happy rizzi house
Written by Gary

Relive your acid trips of the 1980s at the Happy Rizzi House in Germany.

happy rizzi house

If you are the kind of sexy girl that did so much blow in the 1980s you received a complimentary nose job with purchase, the Happy Rizzi House in Brunswick, Germany is probably a welcome, nostalgic sight.

Created by New York pop artist James Rizzi, the day-glo cartoon-inspired buildings are set right in the center of a historic German neighborhood, so you can understand why the neighbors originally hated the structure. The buildings are covered in goofy, uneven faces reminiscent of a drugged up music video from the 1980s, or basically what Whitney Houston saw every time she opened her eyes. #TooSoon?

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The artist passed away in 2011, but the Happy Rizzi House is the largest example of his work to date, and has since been accepted by the community.

Why now?

Because (much like the 80s) even though it is embarrassingly loud and a little scary to look at, it represents a piece of history that will never be repeated (god willing).

happy rizzi house

happy rizzi house

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