Having fun without getting fat

Written by Linda



Summer is finally in full swing.  You’re outside more, probably naturally eating less, being more active—and yet the weight you thought would just fall off this bikini season isn’t quite letting go.  Or worse—you’re packing on pounds and have no idea why.  Well it could be what you’re drinking.  Do you know if it’s better for your waistline to enjoy a Mojito or a Margarita?  I found the answer to that and the approximate calorie counts on other favorite summer drinks right here in a story on MSN. com.  Not sure if I agree with the suggested ways to “lighten them up,” especially cutting down on the alcohol, but the Pina Colada substitution, except with full octane, does sound interesting…

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a mom, journalist, actress and gymnastics coach. She is a firm believer that life is too short for bad wine and not nearly long enough to taste all the good wine out there. Her two favorite times of day are happy hour and whenever she’s finished her run. While striving to add some IMDb credits to her name that pay decent residuals, she despises over-paying for anything. Her financial weaknesses are Justin and Star cowboy boots.

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