The Packed Health Benefits of Pecans

Do you know just how good pecans are for you? Check out the many health benefits of pecans:

After posting a delectable raw pecan pie recipe last week, I thought I’d share the benefits of this nutritional nut with you.

So, here’s 10 health benefits of pecans to enjoy as you down another slice of that raw pecan pie:

1. They have one of the highest antioxidant counts in the world. According to the USDA, pecans are among the top 15 foods for antioxidant activity — and we all know what that means! Think disease prevention, anti-aging protection, and beautiful, clear skin!

2. They’re rich in manganese. Manganese is vital for bone health, blood sugar control, skin health, and more — and a serving of pecans provides 245% of the daily value!

3. They contain oleic acid. Also found in sunflower seeds, oleic acid is a super-good-for-you fat which in fact, helps you burn fat. Oleic acid is also known as one of the fatty acids which helps prevent breast cancer.

4. They lower cholesterol. According to Dr. Mercola, scientists have referenced pecans as a cholesterol-lowering food due to their monounsaturated fatty acid content.

5. They strengthen your teeth and bones. Pecans are rich in phosphorus mineral, which binds to calcium to help build and protect your bones and teeth, as well as repair damaged cells.

6. They’re packed with zinc. Pecans are loaded with zinc, which facilitates proper cell function, strengthens your immune system, and protects your skin.

7. They prevent heart disease and stroke. Another benefit from pecan’s high volume of monounsaturated fats is promoting blood and heart health, which in turn, reduces your risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

8. They’re dense in magnesium. Magnesium, which soothes your muscles, helps you sleep more efficiently, and relieves pain, gives off anti-inflammatory benefits in pecans, including protecting you from arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

9. They’re full of fiber. Pecan’s fiber promises satiating effects, as well as promotes healthy bowel movements.

10. And they’re one of the few sodium-free nuts. ‘Nuff said!



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