Health Spotting: Delicious Home Remedies That Are Probably Already In Your Kitchen

Written by Olga

Follow your workout with a big tall glass of chocolate milk.

With the prominence of different kinds of pills and supplements that can be easily found in our drug stores, we sometimes forget that mother nature already provides us with quick remedies for some of our simple daily health needs. For example, did you know that chocolate milk is great way to help your muscles recover after a work out? Chocolate milk is a perfect mix of protein, carbs and calcium, giving the yummy concoction muscle restorative properties. So go ahead and treat yourself after a hard workout.

Other delectable and healthy remedies include:

Honey – Heals small wounds, fights off infections and helps ease digestive problems.

Almonds – Helps with blood pressure and weight loss.

Horseradish – Can be used as a spot treatment for acne.

Tequila – When consumed sparingly, can not only de-stress you (no kidding!), but help your cholesterol and speed up your metabolism.

Peanut butter – Can help fend off a hangover if eaten before a rambunctious night on the town.

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