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Health Spotting: Green Smoothies

Written by Olga

Need an energy boost in the morning, try a green smoothie. It’ll help ya poop.

Despite what my friends might tell you, I don’t just sit around and drink alcohol all day. I drink vegetables, too, and not just in my sangrita. Every now and again, I’ll get up in the morning, stumble into my kitchen and throw a bunch of vegetables into my blender, press play and then chug it all down. My go to smoothie is pretty simple: I pop in 2-3 kale leaves, a hand full of spinach, 1 whole banana and half a lime. You may have to force yourself to take it all down the first few times, but just like other experiences in my life, you get used to it and soon start to like it. Kale and spinach are really great for your digestive system, as well as your immune system. Bananas are great for energy and the lime tastes really great and has other health benefits I can’t name off hand. Not to mention, every time I drink my green smoothie in the morning, I get such a rush that I skip my daily morning coffee.

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Olga is a fast talking East Coast girl who takes no bull or prisoners. When not kicking a$$ and taking names, she can be found being awesome up and down the East Village. In her down time, Olga practices power yoga and drinks hand-crafted cocktails - sometimes at once.

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