Drink Your Way to Fitness with Protein Beer

protein beer
Written by Gary

Healthy protein beer.

The world’s first ‘healthy protein beer’ has gone on sale in the UK.

protein beer

I have to admit that I like the taste of beer. Its easy to drink, won’t get you too wasted (unless of course, you drink as much as my friends do, but that’s another story), and is more readily available at late hours than more alcohol-laden counterparts. That being said, I have always been wary of drinking beer because I don’t want a beer belly (I am gay, after all, and gays are biologically engineered to prefer perfect bodies). Apparently that is no longer a problem, because ‘Barbell Brew’ has come out in the UK; a healthy protein beer for body-conscious people.

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Barbell Brew has the same alcoholic content of other lagers, but has the same amount of protein as a slice of sirloin steak, 33% fewer calories than regular lagers, 85% fewer carbs, and its gluten free. And no, it’s not the same as Michelob Ultra (remember that?!).

For all you wives out there depressed that your husbands let their bodies go to Hell in a breadbasket, you can relax because Barbell Brew has arrived to keep your man buzzed and beautiful. We have no idea if it’s tasty, goes down smooth, or any other important flavor notes, but we will note this: all beer is perfectly delicious if you drink enough of it.

protein beer

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