Homeless Bodybuilder Works Out on the Streets of Paris

homeless bodybuilder
Written by Gary

A homeless bodybuilder living in France uses the streets as his gym.

homeless bodybuilder

We have been talking about homeless people a lot lately on The Luxury Spot, and the only excuse I can find is that homeless people are coming into style? Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have been dressing like hobos for years, so it was really only a matter of time before it became a thing.

Sayagh Jacques, a 50-year-old homeless bodybuilder has been living on the streets of Paris for years, and uses the architecture to support his bodybuilding habit. Its kind of a genius plan if you ask me, because bodybuilders have to be super picky about what they eat, and that is much easier if you are only eating like once a day. Not to mention maintaining abs is probably less complicated if you aren’t constantly fighting with yourself over ordering Seamless.

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Last year a French director named Julien Goidichaud became interested in Jacques, and filmed him for a short movie that quickly went viral, and ended with him reuniting with his son, and meeting his grand-child.

Say what you will about street bodybuilders, but Jacques is exactly the kind of sexy, rough timberwolf I would give a dollar to, if I saw him working out in New York.

Come to think of it, if all homeless people had his dedication, we could end the homeless problem in America within a few years.

homeless bodybuilder

homeless bodybuilder

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